Budget & Schedule Update Meeting with Brian the Builder

We had a meeting bright and early this morning with our builders, Brian Pearce, from Manor Hill Contracting. Brian wanted to introduce us to his electrical and HVAC subs and review the current budget to date and construction schedule.

Tentative Construction Schedule for 100K

The subcontractor introduction was great as we got to meet more of Brian’s team that will be doing the work. The guys were extremely friendly, open minded and looking forward to getting started on the project. This was reasurring and a nice change of pace from other GC’s subs that I’ve met or worked with in the past.

Sweat Equity vs. Wish List for 100K Construction

We found out two things in the current design that will violate code and will have to change that is a bit of a bummer. One, is that we can not use an open loop system like we had intended to heat both the radiant and domestic hot water on the same loop. Philadelphia plumbing requires them to be separate from each other. We can do this with one boiler still that has two zones, but we will lose the ability to implement the free radiant cooling technique that I was really excited about testing out. Secondly, the open CFL lighting is not going to fly as code requires some type of protective covering over all ceiling lights. I’m confident we will find a suitable replacement, but a little sad to see our simple $2 fixture idea get thrown out the window. It was so 100K…

Sweat Equity vs. Wish List for 100K Construction

Next we discussed the budget. Brian got a call from his excavation and foundation sub as we were meeting to find that he was pretty much spot on with his original estimate. This good news along with a few other good quotes from other subs meant that we are still on track to meet our $100K overall budget. I have started a personal campaign with Brian to fit the fencing for the landscaping into our budget also so I don’t have dig and install a bunch of fence posts in the middle of December.

Lastly, we reviewed the schedule. We agreed on a groundbreaking date of Sept 30th which should have us buttoning up the homes in mid December. The main variable we are staying on top of is the SIPs delivery from SureTight. This has to happen in the 3rd or 4th week of October or our schedule is in jeopardy.

Our next team meeting will be with Sam Klein from MaGrann Associates on Oct 3rd to review our LEED process map and durability checklist. These are the main two documents that we need to keep on top of to ensure the Platinum certification level we are targeting for both homes.

Overall, today’s meeting with Brian was fantastic as he continues to impress us with his organization, enthusiasm and honesty with all aspects of the build.