How To Buy A House – Seller’s Assist

Now that we have our first home posted for sale, we wanted to put some instructional or educational posts on the basics of buying a house. We figure that many people buying 100K homes in the next few years will most likely be first time homebuyers, so this seems all the more important. Thankfully my gracious wife, Courtney Ludeman of the Stokes Group, and our favorite mortgage rep, Kelley Donovan of PHH Mortgage, agreed to help us out in these home buying training posts.

First Postgreen Sale and General Updates

Since we are addicted to poorly produced videos as our latest instructional and advertising medium, we have a short video for your viewing pleasure on the topic of “Seller’s Assists.” A seller’s assist is basically a way to finance the closing costs associated with buying a home into your mortgage so that you can reduce the cash needed to buy a home by $10K or more with only a slightly higher mortgage payment in return. It’s confusing to many and the ladies do a good job of explaining it in this video. They are also a bit easier on the eyes than Nic’s and my haggard faces. Enjoy.

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