Marker Time – Indoor Air Quality (Health)

Our third and final installment of the Indoor Air Quality Marker Time videos. In retrospect, this should have been the first of the IAQ series. Oh well. As Nic will tell you, we covered this topic about the homes first rather than things like recycled materials and solar panels because we believe it is overlooked too often in well built “green” homes today. The health of the home owners and their freinds and family is very important to us and we think you will agree.

Window Article and Thoughts on Fiberglass Windows

In one last note, I have read multiple case studies and talked to the owners of healthy, green homes that have said that they rarely get sick any longer. This is hardly scientific, but really struck a chord with me. Enjoy Nic’s first Market Time segment.

Window Article and Thoughts on Fiberglass Windows

Highlights from Indoor Air Quality (Health) Marker Time

  • We spend 80% of our time indoors
  • The average US home’s IAQ is 2-5 times worse than outdoor air
  • A combination of low off-gassing materials, fresh air ventilation and MERV filtration dramatically improves the IAQ of a 100K House
  • Providing a healthy indoor environment for families is important
100K House SIPs Installation Flickr Photo Set