Sustain Lane Features 100K House in 2008 Sustainable US City Rankings


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Sustain Lane is a people-powered web guide to sustainable living filled with how-tos, news and product reviews for sustainable living. Every year they publish their biggest report that ranks the 50 largest US cities on their sustainability practices. These rankings are a big deal and get picked up by the major guys in the media like the WSJ, CNBC, CNN, NPR…

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Well, this year’s city rankings just came out and Philly is ranked #8 which is respectable. What’s cool is that Sustain Lane included a profile on the 100K Project, Sustainable Homes for the Rest of Us, that shows up on both Philly’s ranking page as well as the front page of the entire 2008 City Rankings.

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Check out the site to see the full article and see how your city stacks up in sustainability compared to the rest of the pack.