Nic Darling Joins Postgreen Full-Time

This news comes a bit late as Nic has actually been working full time with us for a few weeks now. We liked his work so much part time that we decided we decided to extend an offer to become a partner of Postgreen and work with us full time. As we look to the future and the current situation in our hometown of Philadelphia, we realize that there is a great need to dramatically increase the amount of responsible development both here and around the country. Bringing Nic on allows us to extend our reach and have a much greater impact than we could do ourselves over the next few years.

Nic Darling Joins Postgreen and the 100K Team

We will slowly be making some changes to our small and burgeoning organization over the next few months. Nic will be taking on the majority of the marketing and PR load as this is what he excels at. Nic has a passion for writing, politics and social responsibility which makes him a perfect fit for these roles. In addition to these tasks, Nic will be taking on some writing duties here on the 100K House blog. Some of his posts will be updates on construction and other events, but I am most looking forward to a new perspective with posts on the philosophical issues that responsible development go hand in hand with. I think he will have some great insights to contribute that you will all enjoy reading.

17 New Homes to be Announced by Postgreen

Another change will be involving Courtney more and more in the project management of our projects. She does this on a daily basis for the Stokes Group and the developers they work with already. She does a great job keeping everyone on track, hitting deadlines and making sure I don’t lose any of the critical documentation for each project (I know those original zoning approvals are around here somewhere). This, in addition to Nic’s new roles, will free up more of my time to focus continually improving both our development efforts and the green systems used in our projects. I need more time to shop for suitable land for future projects, bring investors together and become a better developer in general. My green research time has also been eaten up a lot in the past few months and I look forward to being able to focus on research again. I have three concepts for affordable zero-energy homes that keep me from sleeping lately…

Wes the Intern

So without further ado, here is a copy of our video press release announcing Nic’s full-time, partner status. Leave him congrats in the comments.