3 Things Every Home Buyer Deserves

Believe it or not there is a philosophy of sorts behind most of what happens over here at Postgreen. Everything from the homes we build to the way we talk about them is based on a set of ideas. Now, these aren’t necessarily firm, fully formed ideas, but we like to think we have what might be called a working philosophy. So, while Chad keeps “bringing the geek” with his design and development posts, I will be trying to shed a little light on the concepts behind our projects.

What Home Buyers Deserve:

A major impetus behind the 100k House idea was the concept that there are certain things everyone buying a home deserves. Exactly what those things are is an ongoing source of discussion, but at this point we can name three things we think fall into that category. Currently, each of these three is underrepresented in the overall stock of homes on the market. We hope to be part of changing that.

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1. Energy Efficiency

Every home buyer, no matter their target price range, deserves to have the opportunity to purchase a home that is energy efficient.

Now, of course, there is a lot of play in the definition of “energy efficient” and many high-end efficiency measures will never be affordable to most buyers. However, we believe that there is a growing opportunity to provide extremely efficient homes with little to no increase in construction cost.

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2. High Indoor Air Quality

Every home buyer should have the opportunity to purchase a healthy home for their families.

Most homes, regardless of price, are simply unhealthy. The average air quality in a code built home is twice as bad as the air outdoors. Allergens, molds and chemicals are prevalent throughout most houses and these have been shown to cause a variety of negative health effects. It is not particularly difficult or expensive to build homes that have significantly better indoor air quality, but it requires a change in traditional methodology and product choices.

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3. Professional Design

Every home buyer deserves the opportunity to own a home designed by a professional architect.

Thoughtful, professional architectural design can make a huge difference in the livability of a home. Safety, comfort and appearance are all products of initial design decisions, but the majority of homes have little to no input from professionals. The services of an architect are often seen as a premium available only to high end home buyers, but we believe that everyone deserves a well-designed, architecturally interesting home.

I realize that some of these ideals are difficult to deliver, particularly to those buying smaller, more affordable homes. If it were easy, everyone would do it. The belief that, despite the difficulty, it can be done is what keeps us working. Everything from building to design to delivery has to be addressed in pursuit of providing these basic elements. We aren’t there yet, but we’re working on it.