SIPs WEEK Event Delayed Until Oct 28th – 31st

Well, we have had our first official delay in construction. Two things happened at the same time that actually worked out in the end. One, it is taking us a bit longer to get our plumbing permits and second bank draw than anticipated. This is causing us to not be able to finish the slab with radiant this week as planned and will push the actual finish date to the end of next week. Secondly, we were not able to review and approve the panel layouts from SURETIGHT fast enough, which caused a one week delay in our orginally scheduled delivery date of Oct 20th.

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We are obviously disappointed that we will have to wait another week until the structure is up, but we are also happy that two delays coincided so perfectly which each other and resulted in only a one week delay overall rather than a two week delay. I’m finding out that you’ve got to find the silver lining in this development business. Luckily, our builder is smart and put a two and a half week shedule in our construction timeline for the SIPs. This way, if everything goes smoothly when they arrive a week later, we will still be on schedule and possibly even ahead of schedule. Hooray for smart builders!

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So, we have updated our SIPs Week Flyer (pdf) with new dates of Tuesday, Oct 28th – 31st. We are still accepting contractors to be involved in the event. We appoligize to anyone who had already made plans to attend next week and hope you will still be able to make it the following week.

We Are Back

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