Trip to Greenable – Green Building Supply + Design Store

About a week and a half ago, Nic and I took a trip to Greenable, our local green supply store, to investigate possible finish options for the homes. Greenable has a nice showroom on Market St inbetween Front and Second St in Olde City, Philadelphia. Unfortunately, I lost my full notes after the meeting so some of the details below may not be 100% accurate.

Time to Start Finalizing Finishes – To Do List

Some of the main things we were looking for were countertop and tile options for the kitchen and bath that would fit our budgets. There are a lot of fancy options near $100psf for recycled countertops and over $10psf for recycled tile that just won’t fit into our budget. For those reasons, we have to look lower on the price scale, but there are still a lot of nice options. I appologize for the lack of detail, links and images in this post but we will get into that once we have made our final decisions. This is simply a summary of our initial visit. We recently made a trip back with the whole team including “The Money” and ISA, so the final post should be showing up soon. We are checking with Brian, our builder, on when our deadlines for spec’ing and ordering the various finishes for the house is up. If anyone has any suggestions, we are all ears in the comments.

100K House Facade Ideas

The pricing may not be 100% accurate but is very close for budgeting purposes.

100K House Facade Ideas


  • Bamboo butcher block – Good, $25 psf
  • Paperstone – Recycled paper that looks like stone. Good, $35 psf
  • EcoTop – Bamboo and cellulose made by same company as paperstone but a bit stronger. Better, $45 psf
  • Vitrastone – 70% recycled eco-concrete slabs. Better, $55 psf
  • EcoClad Rainscreen – Rediculously strong and durable thin cladding that could make a very cool, green and economical countertop. We may be the guineau pigs for this application. Awesome, $12 psf


  • 3form sheets – Recycled, cool and pricey. ~$varies psf
  • Traditional laminates – Extensive selection for cheap. $1-2 psf
  • Marmoleum – Typically a floor covering but could make a very cool wall covering that can withstand water – $3.8 – $5 psf

Bathroom Tile

  • Lots of cool options around $5-$6 psf
  • Marmoleum – eco sheet flooring in many colors – $2-$3 psf
  • EcoTuff – Low-VOC Industrial Floor coating –