Price Reduced Bath Plumbing Fixtures in 100K House – Delta Arzo

In the comments of our recent post on the modern and affordable plumbing fixtures for the 100K House, I mentioned that we were looking at possible cost reductions.  Recently,”the Money” has gotten involved in helping us spec out our final finishes list. She made an executive decision after a substantial amount of research to switch to the Delta Arzo line of bath fixtures for the 100K House.

Switching to the Delta Arzo should save us about $500 overall and also allow all of the bath fixtures, including the accessories (towel & TP holders) to match. This savings may also free us up to use the full Kohler Stillness line in the 120K House depending on how the budget shakes out. We are trying to leave upgrade options as open as possible right now for the 120K House to be determined at a later date…

Second Design Meeting (this time with our builder)

Images can be seen below of the complete Delta Arzo line and if you want to see better than list pricing, Faucet-Warehouse is a pretty good place to check pricing.

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