On Air: Postgreen on Kcast

This is going to be a really short post. Those of you accustomed to my normal long windedness should be happy with this nearly scroll-free experience. Don’t get used to it. I’ll be back with the lengthy rants soon.

Nic Talks Postgreen Homes on the CBS3 Local Show

Recently, Vik Duggal of Konstructr asked me to be on his daily podcast called KCast. I agreed without hesitation. Vik is incredibly passionate about revolutionizing the building industry, and as you know, that is the sort of thing I can get behind. The interview was a lot of fun, and even though it is sometimes hard to listen to oneself talk, I think it went well.

Magazine Love – GOOD Magazine Article on 100K House Project

If you have 20-30 minutes check out the KCast episode about the 100k House. If you have more time, listen to some of the others. There are some great guest and excellent conversations. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, so get to it.

Guest Post on Jetson Green and Re:Construct Competition Entry

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