What Options Would You Like To See In A Future 100k Home?

We have been fortunate to have some of the most responsive and well informed readers one could imagine. We put a post up and the conversation begins, growing from the germ of the original idea and becoming something bigger and more informative. I often learn more from the comments then I do from the research I put into a post. Some may say that this is simply a result of my aversion to extensive research, but some should learn to keep their opinions of my writing process to themselves. You, our readers, are a fantastic resource, and I never overlook a resource.

Next Steps for 100K

Currently, we are working on developing a range of options for our future homes. These options will be made available to potential buyers through a completely awesome process we are putting together. I am not going to tell you about that process as it would spoil all sorts of future surprises, but be assured . . . it is the height of awesomeness. If you have heard something about our plans (we are terrible at secrets), I ask that you keep it to yourself.

First of Final 100K House Photos by Sam Oberter Photography

What I am going to do is ask for your help and input on our options. We have been scouring the information super highway (or Interweb) and local stores (like Greenable) for innovative, attractive and green products with which to outfit our future homes. In the process we have turned up a large number of products we like, but we are not so proud as to think we have found everything. This is where you come in. We want to hear about the coolest product or newest application for a product you have discovered.

First of Final 100K House Photos by Sam Oberter Photography

You all know this by now, but I’ll reiterate for the sake of possible newcomers . . . our focus is green, modern and affordable. Of those three, the affordability aspect has the most flexibility as we are talking about optional upgrades. That said, it should still be a consideration with any suggestion.

Here are some sample categories in which we are developing options:

  • counter tops
  • flooring
  • wall coverings
  • sinks
  • faucets
  • lighting
  • house numbers
  • exterior landscaping
  • appliances
  • window coverings
  • storage

That is just a sampling. We are testing out virtually every category except the envelope and mechanical systems for possible upgrade options. Feel free to suggest any product or fixture that you think might be an interesting option in a new, green, modern home.

Those of you that actually represent products in some way are welcome to mention them, but try to bring something more to the table than marketing materials. If anything sounds too much like an advertisement, we reserve the right to edit it in such a way that the author appears foolish (not really, but we will edit).

Drop your ideas in the comment box.