The Reblogification of

This post is mainly for those of you following along via RSS (almost 800 of you, woohoo!). Anyone who still sticks with the archaic method of actually visiting websites will already know about our new look and its attendant problems.

120K House is Back on the Market

As you read in my last post (you did read it right?), we are doing an overhaul on the 100k site. The goal of this redesign is to make it easier for visitors to find information and to clean up all the mess that gets inevitably made when you spend a year or so doing whatever seems best at the time. We also apparently wanted to add some unneeded frustration to our lives by once again entering a WordPress customization process we barely understand.

What is asbestos? Why do asbestos sheets need to be removed?

Anyway, we would love it if a few of you stopped by the site and made a suggestion or two while our work is in progress. Those of you on Internet Explorer are likely to find the experience unpleasant as we have some browser compatibility issues, but we would still love the feedback. Remember, this is an ongoing project and we are not WordPress development gurus. Be nice, but tell us what you think.

Types of clay tile: interlocking, plain, monk tiles and S-shaped. Which ones should you choose?

How can we make it easier to find things? What type of posts should we be highlighting for newbies? What other information is it important for us to have as we continue to flesh the site out?

Lay it on us in the comments.