120K House is Back on the Market

If I told you the 120K House was available to purchase again and now we have tripled the size of the back yard, would you buy it?

What is asbestos? Why do asbestos sheets need to be removed?


Types of clay tile: interlocking, plain, monk tiles and S-shaped. Which ones should you choose?

Due to personal issues, the clients that had the 120K under contract are unable to follow through with the purchase at this time. This means it is available again for sale, at least for a short time. Our sales team, Courtney (aka “the money”) has re-listed the property at $275K. She tells us we have one offer coming in today from a previously interested party.

Tile installation: correct tile fixing


Here is the best part about the re-listing of the 120K. Previously, the back yard was about 22′ feet deep by 20′ wide. We have since decided not to subdivide the lot in two, which means the back yard goes all the way back to the next street for a full street to street lot. This adds another 40′+ of depth to the back yard. The yard would be huge for such a small, Philly rowhome and the owner would have ample space to add off-street parking or even a separate small building as an office/studio/guest shack…

This will go fast, so if you are interested contact Courtney today or have your Realtor contact her. The Postgreen Team has fallen in love with both homes and may even just decide to keep them both for ourselves and setup an office in the back yard. You never know…