LamiDesign Tells Everyone to Build that Modern/Green House Now

I just wanted to point everyone listening to a great post by our good friend Gregory La Vardera over on his LamiDesign Modern House Plan Blog titled: “Carpe Diem – Why you should build your modern/green house now.” Greg has been promoting and writing about what he calls the ReModern Movement for years. The basic idea is that now is the time for modern homes to rise in production and availabilty beyond the pages of select magazines and blogs. This recent article is a plea for anyone who has every considered building a modern/green home to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the current market and build it today.


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Here are some of my favorite lines from the post:

“Only if you could just go out and find/buy the kind of house you like. But you couldn’t. Its just not out there.”

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“Well what has changed is the collective housing market is on its knees from the greatest gut kick in history, and the opportunity to remake the industry, or at least our little corner of it is at hand. We just have to take it.”

“…the time has never been better, whether that means more house for your budget, or an infeasible budget is now workable. Its not going to get any better than now.”

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“Well now you have the power to make change, and if you are passionate about seeing the housing industry begin to offer the kind of housing you want, be it modern, or green, or both, now is the time to shape the future of housing. If everybody out there who ever hoped, dreamed, pined for a modern/green house got a project underway then modern green houses would suddenly be the majority of what was being built in housing. And you can be sure that everybody in the market would take notice. Builders and developers would see that this was something that was selling while nothing else was. People who never even had modern or green on their radar screen before would take notice, and be exposed to this new kind of house. Some will not care, but many more will come on board. And all this will combine to carve out a segment of the housing market for the kind of houses we love, so that in the future its not such a pipe dream to get a modern or green house. And even after the market recovers we can have staked out our part of it now.”

In reading Greg’s plea, we hear a lot of our own thoughts when we started this project almost two years ago. He hits on some great points that we make a lot now. One is that we never would have gotten the quality of builder that we did if it wasn’t for this down market where good builders are low on work.

Secondly, we built a modern and green home that was much more modest than the permanent home of our dreams. Will we live hear forever? Probably not, but we will enjoy every second of our new life in this “interim” home while building tremendous equity as the market returns to normal.

Lastly, I like how Greg points out that you and I can make a difference in this market. He is right when he tells us that other builders and developers will take notice of your unique and successful home. They are searching for something that works and they will find you. So, go read Greg’s post and then go build yourself a fine modern/green pad that you can be proud of. If nothing else, it will make for a great story to tell your grandkids.