Postgreen Investor Proposal: Skinny Project

We just sent out our first Postgreen Investor Proposal since our call for qualified investors, and we think it’s a good one. The proposal gives project details, rates of return and basic information regarding the structure of the investment. Those interested after a review of the proposal will then spend a few minutes on the phone with us to get additional details and have their questions answered. After that we write a note, get a check and start our construction process.

Results of Investment Poll

The Skinny House is a working title for a yet-to-be-announced Postgreen Homes project. Only qualified investors get more details than that so why not check out the program and see if you want to join the ranks. Don’t worry, if you aren’t in a position to invest or prefer to keep your cash in relative safety under your mattress, you will get to hear all about it soon enough. Please don’t sign up as an investor out of simple curiosity.

Invest! – Postgreen’s Residential Project Investment Program

If you thought you signed up for the program and didn’t get the proposal, please let us know. We don’t want any interested folks left out in the cold.

Quick Financing Update

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