Postgreen Homes Sales Updates

There are many reasons why we haven’t been as active on the blog recently, particularly when it comes to basic announcements. Today, we are going to assign blame to Twitter for making it seem easy to keep everyone updated on the day to day details. But, of course, many of you are not on Twitter and will probably never be on Twitter, so our updates are not getting to all of the people that matter most (our blog readers are the people that matter most according to a recent survey of Postgreen employees). We want to apologize for that and attempt to remedy the situation going forward.

Awesometown Community Informational Meeting

Many of you remember reading about the 120k house going back on the market. We posted that when our first buyers, for reasons of their own, decided to back out. What we forgot to tell all of you on the blog is that we resold the house three days later to a very nice couple. Since then we have settled on the house and that nice couple has moved in. We are now working on wrapping up the punch list and making sure everything is in good shape for our new buyers.

Zoning is Approved!

We have also sold both the homes in the Passive Project which is currently under construction. The buyers of those homes are now waiting for us to finish building so they can move in. We are working hard to make that completion date as soon as possible. SIPs, windows and siding should all be going up over the next week or so and we will be posting construction updates soon.

A New Postgreen Homes Investor Proposal Released

The next project, a three house project in the same neighborhood, is currently in the preliminary stages. We are handling zoning and gathering investors right now. Soon we will begin offering the homes up for pre-sale and you will definitely hear about that here.

That should catch you up on the sales side of Postgreen Homes. As I said above, we are going to improve our blog side announcing, but if anyone would like to get on the Twitter information express you can follow me, Chad, 100k House or Postgreen Homes. Get the updates first and then heckle us when we forget to put them on the blog.

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