Coming Soon: The Customizable Postgreen Home

By now there are probably a good number of you who have heard about the major web project we have going on behind the scenes. We have mentioned it several times here, and the thing has somehow even gotten its own Twitter account. Essentially, we are building a site, designed by the talented folks at Nimblelight, which will allow potential Postgreen Homes’ buyers (and those who are simply curious) to customize one of our homes. Much like popular computer and car websites, will offer options in a wide variety of areas including flooring, counters, storage solutions and alternative energy add-ons.

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Tour the Passive Project

We will allow two different paths to designing a Postgreen Home. The first will be the Project Path where you can choose a project, specify an exact lot and design a home within the limits of that lot/project. This path will provide you with a deliverable home and an accurate price. The resulting spec sheet can then be used by you and your realtor to purchase the home of your own design.

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The second path will be the Open Customization Path where you can design a home without lot constraints. This is the place to play around and see all of the possibilities within our current Postgreen Homes line. The resulting pricing information will be based on the average cost in the areas in which we currently build and will be far less accurate than the Project Path results. Where we build a home has so much to do with that homes final price that it is impossible for us to spit out an exact price for a home that isn’t connected to a project. We can, however, give you a good idea of what it costs to upgrade flooring, switch out appliance packages or choose that fancy faucet you have your eye on.

We hope to officially launch this new site on July 30th, and we are currently planning a big party for that evening. This date will be finalized by the end of June. Invitations will go out through our mailing lists and this blog, so keep an eye out if you want to help us celebrate.

Now I need to get back to work writing content and wrangling graphics for this monster. If you have questions, encouraging words or criticism, put it in the comments.