Postgreen Homes Launch Party Planning

In addition to designing extreme green kitchens, we were thinking you would want to see how amazing the Postgreen Homes Launch Party is going to look, so we’ve mustered up some floor plans and sketches to show you. The pictures below feature the gallery space with display boards located throughout the space. Computers will be available for guests to test-drive the new site, and some computer screens will even be projected to show everyone in the room your home customization in progress.

Postgreen at the 2009 Family Energy Festival

Drinks and appetizers, a bangin’ DJ and of course Nic and Chad, all for your enjoyment, what more could you ask for in a hoppin’ summer affair. So be there.

Philly Beer Week Open Meetings: Imbibe with Postgreen . . . for Business!

New ISA Project – Fishtown Zoning Meeting TONIGHT

If you are planning on coming to the party, let us hear about it in the comments. That is also a good place to tell us how cool our party plans look.