17 New Homes to be Announced by Postgreen

This is a press release of sorts. One without the standard 3rd person tone of your average press release (except maybe in the title). One without the proper style, the standard header or those ###’s at the bottom. It probably won’t have any manufactured quotes from folks with fancy titles either. But, despite all those press release short-comings, it will convey some exciting news.

Wes the Intern

We, at Postgreen, will soon be announcing 17 homes to be built in the coming year in Philadelphia. In the very near future, we will tell you all about these exciting homes and the incredible levels of energy efficiency, health and other green goodness they will attain. We will also amaze you with their reasonable prices, exciting upgrades and bold designs.

Vic’s the Name, Kitchen’s the Game

Wait, you say, what is all this “we will tell you” crap? Isn’t this a press release (albiet an unorthodox one)? Isn’t this the perfect forum in which to actually release news of this sort? Why simply hint at it?


Perhaps it is the perfect opportunity for some companies to drop big news, but the press release just isn’t our style. It lacks a certain something. Press releases are a little light on food, beverages, art music and good people for our taste. News like this needs to be shouted over the din of revelry. It needs to be projected on a huge wall. It needs to be touched, seen and felt.

So yes, this “press release” is a weak one. It is an announcement of an announcement. We will be announcing 17 new homes, but not until we are ready. Of course, by “ready” I mean “knee deep in a party of our own creation”. So, if you want to be one of the first to hear about these homes you’ll have to shut down the computer and get to our shindig.

When: Thursday, July 30th from 6-9 pm
Where: 2424 E. York St., Philadelphia, PA 19125
Why: Because you want to be among the first to hear about our new projects (or because you want to eat our food and drink our beer)

For those of you too far away or too busy to join us, we are sorry. There will be a more traditional announcement of details after the event but you will miss out on the fun. For those close enough and awesome enough to clear their schedules for our gathering, we can’t wait to see you.