Party Promo – Free Solar Upgrade to Net Zero Energy

If you haven’t heard yet, we are having a party this Thursday evening to announce some new homes we plan to build. If you are coming, you probably like modern architecture, affordable homes, sustainable design or some combination of these three. No matter which is your fancy, we think you have great taste and want to reward you for coming to our party and helping us drink both kegs our friends from Memphis Taproom are bringing with them.

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We came up with offering a free 2.0kW solar PV upgrade from EOS Energy Solutions. That’s a pretty small array, but our homes aren’t too large either and they’re pretty high on energy efficient ingredients. Some people smarter than us have calculated that this small array is all it could take to make one of our Postgreen Homes “Net Zero Energy” as long as you are not abusing the outlets too much. Net Zero Energy basically means you are selling as much energy over the course of the year to PECO as you are using from them. Depending on rates, you will often be paid more by PECO than you pay them, for a negative annual utility bill. In a few years when the rate caps expire, it will be even more ludicrous.

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This is a big deal. Get excited. We are.

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To qualify, you need to come to the party, choose and reserve your house. You will have a week or so to make your final decision on actually putting your money where your mouth is, so don’t feel pressured. If you ultimately move forward, EOS will assist you along with us, in obtaining the proper federal and state rebates that make this PV array possible. We at Postgreen will kick in the remaining balance as part of this one time promotion.

We have one project of three units that will qualify for this promotion only. These are the next three homes we plan to build and we are calling it the Skinny Project. You will have to find out why at the party. So, put this offer in your head when considering what to do tomorrow night (or most likely tonight when you read this). You could sit home and watch reruns of Greys Anatomy or you could come drink our free beer, eat our delicious apps, listen to some sweet music, talk to interesting people and take us up on our offer to eliminate your energy bills forever (or at least the next 30 years or so).