The Skinny Project – 3 New Postgreen Homes

We realized last week that we hadn’t officially announced the sale of our next project – The Skinny Project – on the blog yet. If you attended our web launch party, you heard about it, but we should officially notify everyone who may have missed out here.

Postgreen Homes Skinny Project Sales Update


Customizable Postgreen Homes On Our New Site

The third project takes the best lessons learned from both the 100K House and the Passive Projects. We will be seeking LEED Platinum again, but we will not be seeking official Passiv Haus certification this go around. Other changes include, stick framing (instead of SIPs), basements and our newest home model, The Skinny. The location will be 5 doors down from the 100K project.

Welcome Hybrid Construction

We’ve worked hard to update our project pages on all three sites over the past week. Our hard work can be viewed at the links below:

Some of the key features I’ve been telling people about these homes is that they will probably be the last homes we build in a while that start under $300K, due to our next big project taking place in a more expensive neighborhood, Fishtown. Also, the Solar PV incentives are still going strong from both the Federal and State governments, so achieving Net Zero Energy status is a possibility for the upgrade price of a Honda Fit. More details on the financing of the Solar Arrays on our homes soon.

We have a number of very interested parties in these units already, so if you are at all interested, now is the time to act. We are giving tours of the 100K House to anyone interested as construction has not begun on the homes yet. Buyers have the opportunity to choose from either the Skinny model or Loft model and the corner house can even accomodate a new 3 bedroom version of the Loft.

You will notice in the current renderings that there seem to be some trees printed on the exterior. This will not be the final finish, but we are diligently working with a local artist that is intent on screen printing a unique design right onto the fiber cement panels that will comprise the cladding. We’re all pretty excited about this being the first Postgreen Home complete with “House Tattoos.”