Facade Update and Retrospective: The Passive Project

After the expected construction delays and difficulties associated with a standard as ambitious as Passive House, the Passive Project is finally getting wrapped up. Drywall is up, finish work is underway, and we are finally getting a look at the backlog of blog posts we owe you on this process. They are coming.

The most noticeable change at the site has been the exterior. Paint is on and other than some detail work at the base of the homes and the addition of our window shades, the outside of the houses are finished. So, for those that don’t attend to our Flickr page regularly, here are some of the images of the facades in all their glory.



Roof Deck and Green Roof Views from the Avant Garage Project


So, how did we get here? How did these facades reach this particular point? This may be good time for a history lesson, or to be less pedagogical, a retrospective.

Some of you may remember the beginning of the Passive House facades. The early designs (pictured below) featured a variety of different materials.


Budget Reduction – Revised Kitchen and Appliances

We eventually moved away from these ideas due to the complexity of construction and the difficulty of working with multiple materials. From the discussions around revisions with ISA we reached the concept of single material facades (in this case fiber cement lap siding) as a design element. This thinking led to the lap siding version of the home, initially rendered like this . . .

From there color was added to give a sense of depth and excitement.


This addition received mixed reactions and was eventually toned down to this, our actual homes.

Budget Reduction – Revised Kitchen and Appliances


So, what do you think? Use the comments for praise, biting critique, partially formed emotional outpourings, worshipful haiku or any other expression of your feelings.

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