Awards and Speaking Engagements for Postgreen

This will just be a quick update post to let you know a couple of interesting things that are happening in Postgreen land. I’ll keep it uncharacteristically brief and to the point.

We Are Back

Award 1: What do the 100k House project and a skyscraper in Shanghai have in common? They both showed up in Architect Magazine’s Annual Design Review. We received an honorable mention which, while not a full on victory, is still quite an accomplishment for a little single family project in Philly. Not everyone that goes to the Olympics wins gold, but they are still Olympians and that looks pretty good on the resume.

Thoughts on Ads on the 100K Blog?

Award 2: We haven’t won this one yet. Not by a long stretch, but we still could with your help. Philebrity, Philly’s own blog about . . . well . . .  nearly everything, has nominated Postgreen as Business of the Year. Your vote could help us actually win. So head on over to Philebrity and vote.

Site Overhaul

Speaking Engagement: Brian Phillips (of ISA fame) and I will be speaking at the Homes Within Reach conference in Harrisburg, PA this Thursday afternoon. Our session is called Reducing Long-term Energy Costs in Single Family Homes, and will mainly be a review of our various projects. The session is T13 in the agenda and starts at 2:15 p.m. It may be a little late to tell you about this one. If so, I apologize, but perhaps some of you are already going and will stop by our session.

That’s it for now. If you are going to the conference let us know in the comments and we’ll try to make sure we say hi.