Tour the Passive Project


SIPs WEEK Event – Oct 21st – 24th – Sponsored by SURETIGHT

The Passive House is finished and waiting for its new owners. Settlement will be happening very soon, but lucky for us we have a small window of time where we can still show the house off. That’s right, it’s tour time!

Postgreen is Headed to Greenbuild ’08 Expo & Conference

This is short notice, so in an effort to give everyone the best chance of seeing the house we will be having two open house times for the Passive House. One will be during the day for those of you who like to skip out on your job and those of you who have reserved your daylight hours for rest and recreation. The other will be in the early evening for those whose diligence keeps them occupied during the day and for those that curse and studiously avoid the light of the sun. So, choose from one of the following times and we’ll wow you with the wonders of the Passive Project.

Postgreen Homes Launch Party Planning

Passive House Open Houses:

Where: 2320 E. Amber Street

Philadelphia, PA 19125

Thursday, December 17th

Time 1:
11 am to 1 pm

Time 2:
5 pm to 7 pm

We hope to see plenty of you out there. If you know you can come send me an email at or tell everyone in the comments. Don’t forget to mention which time slot you’ll be attending.