Rebuilding the Postgreen Site

The day before yesterday we discovered that our company site,, had developed some serious health problems. Pages were displaying incorrectly, plugins were malfunctioning and the code looked like a cat had walked across the keyboard at the beginning of each file. Our immediate attempts to fix this issue by upgrading WordPress (our favorite web publishing platform) and Thesis (our favorite WordPress theme) only led to further problems. This might have something to do with the fact that we hadn’t upgraded either in years, but we are more inclined to place the blame elsewhere. So, instead of taking any personal responsibility, we are going to call this a case of middle child syndrome.

Frequently Asked, Frequently Answered

This is the problem with having three fairly successful sites, only one of which was designed by professionals (oh how we love you We tend to pay the most attention to the 100k blog (our firstborn) and to making sure we are holding up our end of the content bargain at the Postgreen Homes site (our baby). As a result, our company site tends to feel like the overlooked middle child, and as such, started to create problems to get the attention it craved. Well congratulations middle child. The attention is yours.

How To Buy A House – Seller’s Assist

Realizing that a misbehaving company site was a bad reflection on the company as a whole we devoted yesterday to dealing with the problem. This involved wiping the entire existing site off our server and starting over from scratch. We salvaged some of the content and recycled a few of our images, but by and large, we rebuilt from the ground up. The result is the site you’ll see if you head over there today. It isn’t completely finished, but overall we are happy with how it looks. Soon, we’ll be able to go back to ignoring it in favor of its more popular siblings.

Good and Bad News for the 100K House Project

Now, I realize this post won’t really matter to a lot of you. You are here for the sustainable living, green building and modern design stuff, but I know there are a few out there who are interested in the way we market what we do. I wrote this post for you. A big part of our marketing efforts has to do with our online work, and that work is made considerably easier thanks to the two tools I mentioned earlier, WordPress and the Thesis Theme. We never would have been able to build an entire site in a day without those two components. If you are a small business with an “empty pockets” marketing budget, we couldn’t recommend these web tools more highly. This is not to say that we don’t think professional design is worth paying for . . . it is. All of our sites will likely be reworked by pros at some point. But, we realize the budget constraints of a start-up company, and thankfully these tools exist to help us get the most out of the tiny bit of funds going toward online marketing. At the very least, we hope tools like this will help get rid of the excuse for bad websites among small companies.

So, sorry to those of you who find this a little off-topic, but we hope you will at least look at the site and tell us what you think. We would also be happy to answer any questions you might have about the site’s design. Shout out your thoughts, critiques and questions in the comments.

Disclaimer: I discovered after writing this post that the company behind the Thesis Theme has an affiliate program, and I signed us up. If any of you click on one of the links and decide to buy the theme, we will get a little cut. I would have written this post exactly the same way without that incentive, but we thought you ought to know that you might be providing us with a little beer money.