Calling All Renters: Ideas for a Postgreen Triplex

This one is for all of you out there who want the joy of living in a Postgreen Home without the responsibilities of home ownership. We are officially considering our first step into the rental world with a possible multi-family building right behind our 100k Project. It will be all the green, modern goodness you’ve come to expect without the “all-grown-up-and-settled-down” feel of a mortgage. So, get ready to call the movers and flaunt your carefree lifestyle in style.

Our current idea for the building will consist of three single story flats and a shared basement with dedicated storage spaces. There will also be a shared back yard in which we may provide a variety of amenities (grill? warshers set? herb garden?). We are looking at the possibility of including all the utilities as well which should simplify the monthly budgeting considerably.

What Options Would You Like To See In A Future 100k Home?

We are still in the early design phases at the moment and all could change depending on the response of the neighborhood, but I thought I would share a few of the floor plan iterations we have been working on with the brilliant minds over at ISA. I won’t taint your response by telling you which one is my favorite until I hear from you in the comments.

Next Steps for 100K

One thing I particularly like about these plans is the idea of moving the sinks outside the shower/toilet area. We did this in an effort to make these flats more attractive to those in a roommate situation. Though I think even those who are living with other family members will enjoy the setup for overlapping morning routines.

I also want to point out the effort to make use of the corridors which are normally left as dead space. In each floor plan concept you can see a desk area has been drawn in the hallway between the living space and the bedrooms. We think it is a great use of otherwise wasted space.

Next Steps for 100K

Please remember that this is just a concept at this point. We are submitting for zoning and will be having discussions with the community and the planning folks to make sure this is the right use of this piece of land. We currently really like the idea as it encourages density right near public transit, but we are always open to the opinions of others (like yourselves for instance).

That’s all we have so far on this project, but you can bet you will be seeing more as we move forward. For now . . . Which floor plan do you like best? Is there anything missing from these apartments? Who wants one?

Comment time!