Skinny Project Groundbreaking is Imminent

untitled_panorama4-14Everything is in line for the start of the Skinny Project, and assuming we can find some dirt beneath all this snow, we intend to break ground soon.  In fact, we are expecting to start digging foundations early next week. Right now, it looks like a little break in the snow and cold will make that possible.

SIPS Week Teaser Trailer Video

This also means that time is running out for those of you who want to fully customize a home in this project. Once we start building, material orders start to go out and the customization options dwindle quickly. If you want one of these homes but prefer cork flooring or a concrete counter, you better speak up soon. Head on over to Postgreen Homes and get customizing.

Settling on 100K Lots Soon

The actual groundbreaking for this project will likely be a game day decision, so we don’t intend to make an event out of it. That said, you can still expect pictures and video of us moving dirt. Groundbreaking will mark the beginning of what we hope will be a very well documented project.

Settling on 100K Lots Soon

So, if any of you have weather rituals you can perform to ward off cold and snow, have at it. We just need a couple of days to pour some concrete, and we’ll be on our way.