Three bedroom Postgreen Homes plan.

Our current line of houses covers a significant portion of those looking for a new urban house, but we have gotten a little bit of a hard time from those who have a couple of kids and still want one of our homes. This has been particularly the case for those who have a girl and a boy (we are firm believers in bunk beds for same-sex child situations). In response to this small, but insistent minority, we have put together a little concept.

Second Floor Layout Concept with Reduced Footprint

This idea doesn’t have a name yet but you can certainly hit the comments with suggestions. We have basically put a master suite and two small “children’s rooms” on the second floor while maintaining the wide open floor plan downstairs that we think works so well for families. Check it out . . .

New Renderings and Floorplans for 100K Project

pgh_3bed-2240092You will note that the master bedroom has a nice big closet and there is another closet in the hallway. The “kids” rooms are definitely on the small side, but so are kids, and if you had doubts about the size issue, you can always go back and read my thoughts on the issue. We think that a loft bed situation would make great sense for older kids. This would give them a cool place to sleep and still leave most of their room open.

New Renderings and Floorplans for 100K Project

This is still a very preliminary idea, and we would love to get your feedback on it. Take a look at the drawing and tell us what you think in the comments.