Frequently Asked, Frequently Answered

This post is a little cry for help. No, not like the time I got caught pocketing Necco Wafers at the 7-Eleven. This is more of a straightforward cry for help. It is a request for the assistance from our ever insightful readers. Only this time, we are looking for questions instead of answers.

Good and Bad News for the 100K House Project

We have recently added an FAQ page to the Postgreen Homes website, but it is hard to be sure we are covering all the common queries. It is also difficult to be sure if the answers to the questions we have captured are sufficient. So, we are turning to you.

First Postgreen Sale and General Updates

If you have time, we are asking that you take a moment to visit our new FAQ page and read it over. Then, using the comments, tell us what questions we missed and what answers seemed lacking. Feel free to be as critical (or complimentary) as you like.

How To Buy A House – Seller’s Assist

Thanks in advance for your help, and now . . . to the comments.