Awesometown Community Informational Meeting

A New Postgreen Homes Investor Proposal Released

Many of you have heard of our collaborative project with the NKCDC that, for reasons understood only by those who can truly fathom the Postgreen-team mind, has been dubbed Awesometown. In fact, many of you have probably even customized a home in the project over at the Postgreen Homes site. This post is, unfortunately, not going to shed much new light on the project, but that is only because we want to provide basic details to the community directly first. As fortune would have it, we will be doing just that tomorrow night.

Zoning Error?

If you live in Philly, particularly the Fishtown neighborhood, we invite you to come out and get some information on this exciting project. The NKCDC and members of the neighborhood ad-hoc committee will be covering the complicated past of the project, and we will be illustrating the redemptive future (we hope). Now that’s a fun Tuesday evening . . .

Zoning is Approved!

What: Informational Meeting on the Awesometown Project
Where: Fishtown Rec Center (map)
When: Tuesday, March 9 at 7:00 p.m.

We are very excited about this project and will talking about it more here once we have introduced it to the neighbors. While it isn’t a voting situation, we would love to see those of you in the area out to learn more and show your support for sustainable development in Philadelphia.

Let us know if you are planning to come in the comments, or just chime in with a thought or question.