Skinny Project Update: Foundations Complete

This is just a brief update of the action over at the Skinny Project. If you want more detailed info, you’ll have to follow our new Postgreen Homes Blog. Over there we are giving step by step construction updates complete with pictures, video and occasional witty asides.

3 Postgreen Homes Available in the Skinny Project

The foundations are now completely finished at the Skinny Project. This means we have hauled away a good amount of dirt and put in three nice, dry, tightly insulated basements. The slabs were just poured last week over 6 inches of rigid foam insulation and a plastic sheet that acts as an air barrier. We will finish up that insulation and air sealing after we get through framing.

SIPs are Going Up Today


A New Project Announced at Postgreen Homes

Framing is starting today and we will be out documenting the project carefully. We are really looking forward to seeing the double-studded walls come together and we’re excited to get a first look at the gaskets we specified for air sealing details. Hopefully we will have a significant amount done by Thursday’s BIA Tour.

We won’t be doing this type of post much longer here as it overlaps the other blog, and we don’t want to waste the time of those checking both. So, if you are into the construction process of our projects, get on over to the Postgreen Homes Blog. Questions are welcome in the comments, and we thank you for your patience as we figure out the new division of labor between our two blogs.