Postgreen Triplex Conceptual Rendering

We have taken a look at the potential floor plans for the proposed Triplex, and I have told you about the zoning meeting going on tonight. Now it’s time to share a snapshot of what this thing might look like should we build it.

Postgreen Standard Project Supplemental Construction Documentation


Calling All Renters: Ideas for a Postgreen Triplex

Some explanation:

Calling All Renters: Ideas for a Postgreen Triplex
  1. The siding will be fiber cement cut into two foot strips and hung horizontally.
  2. The colors will definitely be different then those pictured as we want to set this building apart from the 100k project which can be seen in the left side of this image. We just don’t know exactly what those colors will be so . . .
  3. The tall window in the middle follows the shared stair tower up through all three floors. We have some interesting air sealing and insulation ideas regarding that tower.
  4. The roof will be devoted to solar and other mechanicals. This means no roof access, but we make up for that by including the utilities in the rent.
  5. The entrance (and this may be obvious) is below the tall vertical window on a small street directly behind the 100k project.
  6. At the far end of the block you can just make out the train line that we think more than justifies the increased density of this project.
  7. I kind of hope to live here.

Questions, concerns and compliments can be shared in the comments.