Trenton Avenue Arts Fest


SIPs WEEK Event Delayed Until Oct 28th – 31st

This Saturday, as in tomorrow, is the Trenton Avenue Arts Fest. It is a great neighborhood event that features artists and crafts people selling a huge variety of interesting stuff. There is also plenty of good food and beer, and the famous Kinetic Sculpture Derby, an event not to be missed. The whole thing kicks off at noon and if you live in or around Philly, we suggest you make an effort to come.

100K House Groundbreaking Video

Cool, you say, but why mention this on the 100k Blog? What does this have to do with Postgreen or sustainable building? Well, there are two good answers to that . . .

Awards and Speaking Engagements for Postgreen
  1. This event is a great opportunity to see why we build houses in this neighborhood. We think this festival exemplifies much of the spirit and energy we love in Kensington. It is something we are looking for as we research projects in other areas.
  2. It is a great time to see the newly installed facade on the Skinny Project just half a block away from the festivities. This project features house tattoos by the talented Candy Depew and is an impressive sight. The entire facade is not quite finished yet, but all the panels are up and it’s definitely worth a glance.

We hope to see those of you in the Philly area out on Trenton Ave. tomorrow. If you want to find me I’ll most likely be at my wife’s booth on the NE corner of Trenton and Susquehanna. Stop by and chat if you’re out and about. Now here is a little teaser to entice you . . .


As always, the comments are a good place to announce your plans to attend or apologize for the logistics of distance and/or obligation that prevents you from doing so.