Philly Beer Week Open Meetings: Imbibe with Postgreen . . . for Business!

Philly Beer Week begins this Friday, June 4th and runs until Sunday, June 13th. The return of Beer Week usually means a slight slump in our productivity, but it has, in the past, been made up for by a notable rise in morale and a significant dulling of that constant stress-related pain that being a start-up real estate developer seems to produce. It has also, informally, led to a kind of, impromptu, beer aided, open meeting situation. Imagine us comfortably camped in one of our favorite beer tasting emporiums (usually Memphis Taproom for their unrivaled No Repeat Beer Week), when we receive a call from someone interested in getting together. “Come on down,” we say, and a short time later that trip to the pub becomes an interesting, and occasionally fruitful, business encounter.

New ISA Project – Fishtown Zoning Meeting TONIGHT

We liked the feeling of justification we got from those meetings so much, that we have decided to make Philly Beer Week an official Postgreen Open Meeting Week (With Beer). That means that we will be available, at one location or another, to meet with absolutely anyone who wants to join us for a glass. We have even compiled a list of respectable reasons why you might want to meet with us:

ISA to Showcase 100K House in DesignPhiladelphia 2008
  1. You want to buy something from us
  2. You want to sell something to us
  3. You want to hire us
  4. You want us to hire you
  5. You want to ask us questions
  6. You want to give us answers
  7. You want to drink a beer and pretend its about business
  8. You want to conduct business and pretend its about beer

And, for those of you without respectable reasons, we have developed a list of absurd ones. Keep in mind that for our purposes, these are still just as valid:

ISA Speaking at Habitat’s 2nd Annual Green Building Conference on the 100K House Project
  1. You want to photograph us in our native habitat
  2. You want our opinion on your latest screenplay
  3. After reading our long winded blog posts you want to just sit and talk at us for a while as payback
  4. You want to beat me in Rock Paper Scissors
  5. You want to tell us your favorite joke
  6. You want Chad to call your significant other and explain your increasingly incapacitated state
  7. You want us to name your new dog (Awesome Dog?)
  8. You want us to join your scooter gang (I hope someone chooses this)

And of course, the most important reason for meeting with us during beer week:

  1. You have the overwhelming desire to buy us a beer

So, if you want to meet up with us during Philly Beer Week, send me an email with your favorite reason(s) and the day and time you would like to meet. If the time is still available, we’ll let you know where we are going to be, and the rest will be easy.

Now, use the comments to give all of our readers more great reasons to meet with us, or tell everyone the reason you picked.