A New Project Announced at Postgreen Homes


100K House Groundbreaking Event – Tues Sept 30th

We don’t like to duplicate content between this site and the Postgreen Homes site, but I’m so excited about our newest project and the introduction of a new model that I had to at least make a brief announcement here. We are officially launching the Two Point Five model that we talked about a couple posts back and it’s debut will be in a single home project behind the 100k House. We have tentatively named that project the Two Point Five Beta. There are still some design items to flesh out, but the house is available for customization and purchase as of today.

Trenton Avenue Arts Fest

This home is going to be very cool. Head on over and check out the post announcing it or better yet, just jump right in and customize the Two Point Five Beta.

SIPs WEEK Event Delayed Until Oct 28th – 31st