A New Postgreen Homes Investor Proposal Released

We are moving ahead with a variety of projects here at Postgreen despite the rigors of Beer Week and the distractions of World Cup. That means we are also moving ahead with raising money for projects. As many of you know we raise a portion of our project funding through the Postgreen Residential Project Investment Program. This program, apart from having a boring name with a bad acronym (PRPIP), is a great opportunity to get involved in the work we are trying to do at Postgreen. It promises a good return on your money and a positive feeling as you cash the check.

Zoning is Approved!

The newest project on the list is still too new to even talk about here, but I can tell you we are pretty excited about it. Those on our Qualified Investor list have just received the proposal for the project, and we hope to start collecting funds soon. If you are interested in investing in Postgreen and haven’t yet added your name to our list, check out the program and follow the instructions for climbing aboard. Remember, we have made an effort to keep the minimum investment in our projects somewhat lower than normal to allow people who usually can’t invest in real estate an opportunity to do so. This doesn’t mean we are asking for spare change by any means, but check it out, you might be surprised to find you qualify.

Plans Submitted to Philly for Building Permits

If you have already checked out the investment program and found it’s just not for you, don’t worry. You will still get to hear all about this project in the very near future.

Zoning Error?