Welcome Hybrid Construction

Some of you have probably noticed the new handy bar of links on the top of our sites (if not, check them out . . . they’re cool) and have clicked on the Hybrid Construction link. Having done so, you came upon a mostly finished web site for a construction company with an odd logo. That company is our newest entity and will be providing new construction, rehab and design/build services. For those that haven’t checked out the site, now is your official invitation to do so. It is now also “mostly finished”.

Nic Darling Joins Postgreen Full-Time

Hybrid has already been hard at work building the Skinny Project and doing pre-construction work on multiple other Postgreen Homes ventures including the imminent Two Point Five. In addition, the company has it’s first work outside Postgreen (and the city) on a single home in Ardmore. This project is just about to get underway and you can keep track of it on the Hybrid website.

Nic Darling Joins Postgreen and the 100K Team

I won’t go into too much detail on the company here as plenty of it is available on the Hybrid site, but I will add this short intro video to prove that a construction company still gets our same treatment . . .

17 New Homes to be Announced by Postgreen

So, tell us what you think of the addition of a construction company. Comment upon our logo. Question our sanity. But whatever you do . . . do it in the comments.