New Postgreen Homes Model – Avant Garage

It has a kind of cheesy name, but that doesn’t make the concept any less cool. Postgreen Home’s has introduced a new model built around an existing zoning plan that called for garages. Working with ISA, we came up with some concepts for a model that incorporates the garage and creates an exciting split level effect through the home itself. There is also a roof deck proposed, and we think that this will be a pretty exciting design when it is completely fleshed out. Of course, now is the time for your comments.

Postgreen Triplex Conceptual Rendering

Head on over to the Avant Garage post on the Postgreen Homes Blog and tell us what you think of our conceptual floor plans. There are even a few little renderings for you visual folk.

Postgreen Standard Project Supplemental Construction Documentation

If you aren’t already over there checking it out, here is a teaser image you just can’t resist . . .

Postgreen Standard Project Supplemental Construction Documentation


Remember, don’t waste your feedback here. Join the conversation over at the PGH Blog.