Avant Garage Project Interior Renderings from Postgreen Homes

As most of you know by now, we have moved our project specific coverage over to the Postgreen Homes Blog, but since change is a difficult thing, I will occasionally post some small updates with similar info here. Hopefully, everyone will soon subscribe to the PGH Blog for this kind of news, but until then I’ll continue to lightly burden those of you already reading both. Sorry, but it seems necessary.

100k House: Render to Reality

We have been working hard at finalizing our Avant Garage plans over the past few weeks, and soon we will have some updated facade images and roof deck options. We are also trying to finalize our plans for the garage space and should have more details soon. Today, we posted a couple of new interior renderings including this one:

M&M 100K Plus Floorplan Draft


M&M 100K Plus Floorplan Draft

We are very happy with the quality of the renderings and think that they give a great sense of the space we are planning to create. ISA has done a fantastic job tackling the interesting challenges we have posed for them with this project. I particularly like the stair between the kitchen and living area. It’s mix of functional stairs, storage and seating is an excellent approach to the open two-level plan.

Will we continue to revise these homes for the next few days as we prepare for construction. Of course, throughout that time we encourage comments on all the details we bring up. We love to hear feedback from all of our readers. If we didn’t, we would probably keep most of this to ourselves.

As always, the four homes in the Avant Garage project are available for customization and purchase. Come on over and check it out. Window shoppers are always welcome and we would love to hear your feedback.

As always, feel free to use the comments to let us know what you think, but we would like it even better if you went over to the PGH Blog and joined the conversation there.