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23 Hour Plumbing are your professional Adelaide Plumbers. We cover all metropolitan areas for your plumbing or gas fitting requirements 24/7.

If you are looking to have your Adelaide Plumbing and Gas Fitting repaired or replaced, then 23 Hour Plumbing should be your first choice. We offer a reliable and professional service 23 hours, 7 days a week.

Types of plumbing on a daily basis carried out in Adelaide include:

Blocked Drains

One of the most common plumbing attendances is blocked drains. We have the latest technology so we are able to send out one of our plumbing professionals and to clear the drains. This will ensure your toilets and drains are running freely again. We will also be able to ascertain what the problem is and why the drains are blocking. Should your drain or pipe be broken, we are able to give a prompt onsite quote to repair the issue. We are often able to carry out the repair the same day.*

Gas hot water heater repairs and replacement

For you gas hot water plumbing, we are the experts at fixing gas hot water systems. We carry a large amount of parts in our vans, meaning we rarely need to leave your location to source parts, and all of our plumbers are qualified gas fitters. You can trust that we can quickly repair or replace any gas hot water heater in Adelaide 23 hours, 7 days a week.

Electric hot water and replacement

If the plumbing on an electric hot water system needs repairing or replacement, most of our Local Plumbers are licensed with their restricted electrical license. This not only allows them to repair the plumbing but also to carry out electrical repairs on electric hot water systems. Should the plumbing on your electric hot water tank need replacing, we are often able to access a new tank 24/7; resulting in you being back in hot water in a timely manner.

Repairs to leaking taps

Another very common plumbing issue we encounter daily is leaking taps. One of the many reasons is due to hard water, which reduces the life of tapware. Not only can we repair your tapware, we can give an option for replacement so that new taps are installed with a 1 year warranty. This often works out as the most economical way of repairing leaking taps.

Repairs and replacements to leaking toilets

Leaking toilets are often due to one of many parts inside of the toiler cistern being perished, resulting in leaking. Our master plumbers in Adelaide carry internal parts for most major brands, however, due to an influx of overseas brands (many of them cheaper and unrepairable) it often works out to be more beneficial to replace the toilet cistern. Speak to one of our friendly plumbers and they can advise whether your toilet should be repaired or replaced especially as the newer toilets available are using less water during their flushing cycle. Replacement of a toilet can save $$ as it is the most utilised water fixture in your home.

Repairs to leaking pipework

We are the experts in repairing the plumbing relating to pipework throughout the ground, wall cavities and inside roof spaces. Plumbing has changed in Adelaide over the decades. Pipework was often constructed of galvanized pipe, and then copper was used, due to the expense of copper other plumbing systems have been introduced. Current materials include polyethylene pipes due to its ease of installation and cheapness in price. We are having to repair and replace galvanized pipes, copper pipes and ploy pipes etc. on a daily basis, due to this we also carry most materials in our vans. Often we have to change the complete pipework system as corrosion may have set in, plastic pipes may have been eaten by rodents or due to piping rubbing onto brickwork, the factors can create holes in poly butylene pipe.

Gas leaks

An area of plumbing that most customers in Adelaide do not see that a master plumber does is fix gas leaks, or gas fitting. In South Australia plumbers do extra studies to gain their gas licenses, so it is not uncommon for a plumber not only specializing in plumbing, but also being a fully qualified gas fitter as well. At 23 hour plumbing all of our Local Plumbers have gas licenses and are available 23 hours a day.

Installation of gas appliances

As we said above, plumbing is one module that plumbers do to be a qualified Master Plumber. However with extra studies, they also become gas qualified. Our 23 hour plumbers can install gas hot water heaters, gas cook tops, gas hot plates, gas heaters and gas BBQ’s throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area.

Repairs and replacement to drain pipes

Certain regions of Adelaide have reactive soils which may cause problems for the plumbing networks, especially with clay pipes as they crack and roots will penetrate into the drain. We are able to replace this damaged area of drain, which often requires excavation. In the event that the drain needs to be replaced, we can give you a quote before proceeding to have your drains flowing and running correctly the same day.

Blocked storm water drains

A majority of the rainfall that lands on a roof charges through pipes (also known as storm water drains) via the street water table. Storm water grade pipework is very thin and can crack easy enabling tree roots access to penetrate. This often results in having to have existing pipework replaced in the ground. We will attempt to clear a storm water drain with a hydro-jet drain cleaner, which is high pressure water device able to clear stubborn blockages. However, should this be unsuccessful, we often have to excavate and replace the pipework.

23 hour plumbing have a team of licensed mobile plumbers on the road, throughout Adelaide. We fix toilets; unblock drains; repair and replace hot water heaters, pipes and fittings – seven days a week.

Contact 23 hour plumbing for an Ahs plumbing service and emergency plumbing in Adelaide; affordable, courteous, reliable and highly experienced Local Plumbers who carry all of the latest ‘high tech plumbing’ equipment to save you time and money.

23 Hour plumbing are working, on a daily basis, between Gawler and Aldinga including surrounding suburbs such as Elizabeth, Salisbury, Golden Grove, Unley, Morphett Vale, Marion, Rostrevor.